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The thing is, I already have a payday loan, but I need urgent cash. Can I get another payday loan?

Check with your lender to find out if you are eligible for a 2nd payday loan. The reason is, different lenders and different states have varying laws that determine the frequency and terms of payday loans.

How do payday loans work?

If you need a quick loan where you borrow against your next paycheck, you can request a payday advance or a payday loan. While the money can be used for anything, it is usually spent on urgent expenses that can’t be put off, such as medical bills, utility bills, and car repairs.

I have a payday loan – can I refinance it?

You can ask your lender directly, but the answer is usually yes. Your lender can give you the complete details regarding a refinance.

Do I need any sort of documents to get a payday loan?

Depending on your state and lender, you usually need a state ID, an active bank account, a current email address, and proof of income. If required, you could be asked for additional documents. Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old.

How are payments on payday loans made?

The method of payment can vary between lenders. The best answer will come directly from your lender. In some cases, you can get the option of a direct withdrawal. Other lenders send you to a storefront so your payment will be in cash. You should be able to find out how your loan should be paid on your loan document. Of course, you can always turn to your lender for further information.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Try to work out an arrangement with your lender for payment. Along with covering the payment, you’ll most likely be charged a late payment fee.

What are payday loans?

When you ask for a payday advance, it means that you are taking out a short-term personal loan against a paycheck that is coming soon. Use this type of loan to take care of financial emergencies ranging from urgent car repairs to utility bills that are due to any type of medical bill. They are useful in covering whatever unexpected expense that comes your way.

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